“This is to make my reflexes faster, my arms stronger.” Anderson “The Spider” Silva - UFC middleweight champion, quoted while using The Burn Machine Speed Bag during an episode of Spike TV’s Countdown to UFC 112.

“Coach [Roger] Bloodworth has a new machine in the gym. It’s called the Burn Machine. First time I used it I was left very sore in the arms and shoulders. I feel stronger now, and am ready for this fight.” Tomasz Adamek - Professional heavyweight boxer, former WBC world light heavyweight champion, responding during an interview about using the Burn Machine Speed Bag to train for his fight against Michael Grant. Adamek went on to defeat Grant on August 21, 2010.

“The Burn Machine is a great conditioning tool in addition to being a great warm-up tool or strength tool. We have an entire warm-up routine that we have the guys go through with it.” Ted Rath - Detroit Lions Strength & Conditioning Coach

"The portability and adaptability of the Burn Machine makes it a great addition to a physical therapy facility. APTA members should find the Burn Machine to be an inexpensive, comparable alternative to the upper-body ergometer machines." R. Scott Ward PT, PhD - American Physical Therapy Association President

"I have never felt a burn like that with any other piece of equipment. Overall, The Burn Machine can give you an unbelievably complete workout. I highly recommend it." Nick Scott - Author of "Journey", founder of Wheelchair-Bodybuilding.com

“This line of equipment is made with a combination of features unlike any others I’ve come across.”“The Burn Machine… has made its way into [former Pride Middleweight Champion and Grand Prix Champion] Wanderlai Silva’s gym to help MD’s who have clinics in the gym to increase the endurance of wrists…” Meredith Grieger MSPT, CSCS - Physical Therapist, Select Physical Therapy, Las Vegas, Nevada
Select Physical Therapy’s clients include top MMA fighters and many Cirque du Soile performers.

“The Burn Machine is one of the best products, especially for upper-body endurance and strength, that I’ve seen in a very long time. I know I’m not going to hurt myself, and I can use it every day and get benefits out of it.” Kurt Angle - World, Olympic, WWE & TNA Wrestling Champion

“The Burn Machine is the best product I've ever used for training shoulders, period.” Josh Bowmar - Men's Physique Contest Winner - Arnold Classic 2012