12 lb Burn Machine **Refurbished**

With the same features and benefits as the 8lb Speed Bag, the 12lb Speed Bag offers more challenging weight resistance.

This model is designed for those who have experience with lifting weights or for those in advanced martial arts and other upper body sports.

It is 12 lbs. in weight, but its not the weight so much that offers the workout, but it is the mechanics of the workout.

This model offers the buyer a very challenging and unique workout.

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The signature exercise of the Burn Machine mimics the punching motion of a conventional speed bag workout. The 360-degree rotating grips allow you to naturally find the position that is safest and most comfortable, while also providing endless versatility. The Speed Bag’s unique design allows you to work out from a standing, sitting, or even reclining position. Use the Speed Bag standing or walking to increase your cardio endurance. Use it sitting at your desk for a midday energy burst. Use it in a reclining position to maximize your abdominals routine. From physical therapy patients to advanced athletes, and everyone in between, the Speed Bag is the tool of choice for burning calories and building strength.

Improve your cardio and muscular endurance with the Burn Machine's Speed Bag. The Speed Bag combines the benefits of a complete conditioning and strengthening workout into one compact, handheld, machine. Get results fast with this high-repetition, weighted unit. It strengthens and tones while burning calories, to help sculpt lean beautiful muscles in less time.

Not only does it incorporate all of the upper body and core strengthening attributes of the lighter model, but the added weight also creates a heightened aerobic and recruiting type workout which is much more challenging to the average person. A recruiting type of workout means calling on all aspects of core strength, agility, and aerobic muscle groups, as well as a keen sense of coordination and endurance. This machine is for those who are serious about getting to the next level in any level of fitness. It is the next step up after mastering the 8 lb. Burn Machine, which is excellent to switch to when lighter training is needed.

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