Personal Fitness

The Burn Machine and the Universal Barbell were designed to add convenience and efficiency to the lives of everyone who uses them. Both units are designed to provide the best workout possible with pieces of equipment that take up very little space compared with other fitness devices.

The Universal Barbell can be used as a replacement to a series of other exercise bars, including a straight bar, and E-Z curl bar and a triceps bar. Further, the rotation of the handles allows users to perform dumbbell-like movements that require the pronation and supination of the wrists. In essence, the Universal Barbell can eliminate the need to own a series of other fitness items since the benefits of those items are all contained within one apparatus.

Similarly, the Burn Machine can be used for a variety of ergonomically advantageous curling and pressing movements due to the rotation of its handles. In addition, the unit itself can be rotated in a motion that replicates the function of an upper-body ergometer, except that it relies on the unit’s own weight as well as gravity to supply natural resistance to the movement. In essence, the Burn Machine can be used not only to build and develop lean muscle, but it can also be used to produce a cardiovascular effect in the upper body, contributing to conditioning and weight loss in the process.

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