The Burn Machine’s products have proven to be effective fitness tools for athletes of any background. Many professional athletes currently make use of our products because of the immediate fitness benefits they reap from the use of the equipment.

For many professional athletes, the Burn Machine has been used as an everyday tool for warming up, training muscle endurance, and maximizing the performance of specific muscle groups during training. These benefits have been enjoyed by many of the world’s best basketball players, football players, baseball players, boxers, mixed martial artists, and even golfers.

The Universal Barbell allows athletes to transition from one load-bearing exercise to another with relative ease due to the rotating grips of the handles. This permits sports-specific weight training that replicates conventional movements with unmatched ease on the user’s joints.

Finally, a select few professional sports teams have begun the use of our Monster Barbell because of the opportunity it creates for fast muscle growth and strength building with reduced risk of damage to joints compared with traditional barbells and other strength-training devices.

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